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Frade Gobeo & Asociados

Frade Gobeo & Asociados is a consolidated team of professionals who have been selected from among the most enthusiastic and capable talents from the most prestigious training centers, prestigious law firms and companies in the sector, national and international, with extensive experience in our specialization. . The selection and / or preparation of our team is not general, as each member of our organization is specially chosen for their aptitudes, attitudes, knowledge and abilities, which is complemented by the group’s ambition and desire for victory. The leadership of the management also comes from the experience acquired in the good resolution of extremely complex problems.

The order of our clients is summarized in satisfying their wishes or achieving their objective. While the recognition of the work and the effectiveness of all members of the firm, both in its legal part and in its economic consulting aspect, translates into our willingness to resolve or give the best viability to certain situations in which the people and companies that contact us, who have motivated us to organize ourselves to provide individual solutions to each of them.

Frade Gobeo Consulting Economists and Company Directors has provided the services of strategy formulation, implementation, reorganization and company management since 1985 with the utmost rigor, objectivity and quality for the benefit of our clients.

Frade Gobeo Abogados arises from the spin-off of the Girona office of Vialegis & Frade Gobeo which since 2002 has been providing its legal services with the highest rigor and the highest quality aimed at the success and interest of our clients.

Our vocation is aimed at helping our clients to find the best alternative in each positive or negative situation. For this, it is necessary to know how to safeguard, defend or claim all your rights, improve the security of your assets, reduce your responsibilities, increase your sales or income, collect as soon as possible, control and reduce your fixed and variable costs, pay as late as possible. possible, improve your treasury, improve investment profitability and growth, implement strategies of internationalization, innovation, reorientation, restructuring, revitalization, recapitalization, dissolution, purchase, sale, segregation, merger, spin-off, etc.

We guarantee maximum legal and economic security, a multidisciplinary vision of operations and personalized customer service, always adapting to your needs. Individualized communication with our clients is the tool to achieve the satisfaction of their objectives.

Our organization led by great professionals is the best guarantee in security and trust and where clients can see their wishes satisfied.

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